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Safe Havens' 2024 IMPACT Award is "In the Books"!

Safe Havens was
honored to celebrate
Dr. Judith Herman for her tremendous IMPACT on trauma, PTSD, healing, as well as on Safe Havens' own work.

Read more about our inspiring evening HERE

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15!

Elder abuse is a serious issue impacting 1 in 10 older adults annually. Often hidden and rarely discussed, due to shame, fear, and isolation, elder abuse leaves many older adults and families suffering in silence. Faith communities can play a critical role in breaking the silence and supporting older adults who may be experiencing abuse.

Together with the National Center on Elder Abuse, Safe Havens has lots of ideas about how you and your faith community can raise awareness about elder abuse, including our National Weekend of Prayer and Action for Elder Justice

We dream of and work toward a world in which faith leaders respond compassionately and effectively to survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse. Together, we can build communities where all people are safe with faith.

Safe Havens is honored to be a winner of a 2022 Cummings Grant from Cummings Foundation!


We are delighted to use this funding to support our local work. We are revamping our local training program for faith communities titled Staying Safe with Faith. If you are local to Boston and interested in participating please fill out this interest form.


Support People Experiencing Abuse
During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The physical distancing required to keep everyone safe during this global pandemic has increased the risk of abuse for many who are now isolated with their abuser.


Because survivors are at greater risk and have fewer opportunities to reach out for help, we need extraordinary, community-based efforts to provide access to services.

​That’s why Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership is calling on YOU to redouble your efforts to connect with and support survivors of abuse.

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