Safe with Faith Volunteer Program

We are building a movement where faith leaders and communities stand up, with a strong and unified voice, and say "No More!" domestic violence, elder abuse and sexual assault. In order to make this dream a reality, we need your help!

Join us in our work to end domestic violence! We are looking for cong- regations that are interested in
multi-religious efforts to expand awareness and education on dom- estic violence. If you are interested in participating in our Safe with Faith Volunteer Program, please contact Alyson at

We are actively recruiting Safe with Faith Volunteers.  

This core of dedicated volunteers in Greater Boston will spearhead efforts to transform their own faith communities into “safe havens.” Safe with Faith Volunteers will receive training and continued support from the Safe Havens staff to create awareness campaigns, educational events, and days of action that fit their congregation’s specific needs. They will serve not only as a liaison between Safe Havens and their faith community, but also as a member of a powerful interfaith cohort working to build “safe havens” around Greater Boston. 


Please email us if you want to learn more about the Safe with Faith Volunteer Program and how your congregation can get involved.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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 Click above to download our Safe with Faith flyer to post in your community and spread the word!

Click above to download our Safe with Faith volunteer description to see if the position interests you or someone you know.