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Staying Safe with Faith is funded in part by the Cummings Foundation. Safe Havens is honored to be a winner of a 2022 Cummings Grant.


Volunteer Program

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Safe Havens is building a movement where faith leaders and communities stand up, with a strong and unified voice, and say "No More!" to domestic violence and elder abuse. We believe building a coordinated-community response that focuses on prevention and safety is vital. In order to make this dream a reality, we need your help

Our Staying Safe with Faith volunteer program takes a public health approach and targets social norms within our communities that may condone violence. By focusing on education and awareness on these issues, our goal is to prevent cases of violence before they occur, as well as adequately prepare faith leaders to refer people experiencing abuse to services and support in the short- and long-term. These approaches empower our volunteers and their faith communities to speak out against abuse and create lasting, effective social change.

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Staying Safe with Faith flyer

to share with your community. 

Help us spread the word!

Join Safe Havens in our work to end abuse! We are looking for congregations that are interested in multi-religious efforts to expand awareness and education on domestic violence and elder abuse. If you are interested in participating in our Staying Safe with Faith Volunteer Program, please fill out this short form.

Safe Havens wants YOU! 


Safe Havens is actively recruiting congregational teams in the Greater Boston area to participate in our Staying Safe with Faith program. Each congregational team will consist of a lay leader and two to three members of the congregation. Together, this core of dedicated volunteers will spearhead efforts to transform their own faith community into a “safe haven.”  Our volunteers will begin to enact this transformation by participating in 4 virtual trainings that will strengthen their understanding about: 

  • Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse through a Lens of Faith, 

  • Trauma and Response Skills, 

  • Community Connections and Partnership, and 

  • Prevention in Your Community.

In addition to our trainings, Staying Safe with Faith volunteers will receive ongoing support from Safe Havens’ staff to create awareness campaigns, educational events, and days of action that fit their congregation’s specific needs. They will serve not only as a liaison between Safe Havens and their faith community, but also as a member of a powerful interfaith cohort working to build “safe havens” all around Greater Boston. 

Please fill out this form to learn more about our Staying Safe with Faith Volunteer Program and how your congregation can get involved.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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