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Join Safe Havens in
Staying Safe with Faith

Ready to take your involvement to the next level? Safe Havens is looking for faith communities like yours to build an even stronger local faith-based network confronting domestic violence and elder abuse. Make your congregation a place where people experiencing abuse never have to choose between faith and safety.

10 Things You and Your Congregation Can Do to Create Safe Havens


Hang domestic and sexual violence posters throughout your congregation's building--in restrooms, on bulletin boards, in hallways. Include your local resource information on the posters (in the space we have provided!).


Print state and national hotline numbers in every program and or newsletter. Get local info below or use the national DV Hotline number 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)


Hold a vigil to remember those affected by domestic violence and to encourage your community to take action against it.


Stock your bookshelves with culturally/religiously specific domestic violence information.


Connect with local domestic violence service providers as a first step to building a referral network. Refer, refer, refer!


Learn how to respond to victims in your community safely. Educate yourself with these tips on supporting victims.


Let members of your congregation know that domestic violence is an issue in your community, that it is safe to talk about these issues, and how to spot warning signs.


Join Safe Havens' volunteer engagement program, Staying Safe with Faith, and make your congregation a safe haven for those experiencing abuse.


Join Safe Havens' mailing list!


Contact Safe Havens at for training, ideas, technical assistance, or resources.

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