Interfaith Domestic and Sexual Violence Resource List

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Interfaith Films on Domestic and Sexual Violence

“A Journey to Healing: Finding the Path,” 2010. Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community, St. Paul, MN.


 “Broken Vows:  Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence,” 1994. FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA.


“Garments for One Another:  Ending Domestic Violence in Muslim Families,” 2007.  FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA and Peaceful Families Project, Great Falls, VA.


“No! The Rape Documentary,”AfroLez Productions 2008.  Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Philadelphia, PA.


“Pastoral Care for Domestic Violence: Case Studies for Clergy, for Christian Audiences,” 2006. FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA.

“Speaking of Faith: Domestic Violence Programs and the African American Church,” 2011. Prepared by Dr. Oliver J. Williams for the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community, St. Paul, MN.


“To Save a Life:  Ending Domestic Violence in Jewish Families,” 1997.  FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA.


“When Push Comes to Shove… It’s No Longer Love!” 2005.  Jewish Women International, Washington, D.C.


“Wings Like a Dove:  Healing for the Abused Christian Woman”, 1997.  FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA.

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