Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month!


It’s a month to educate our families, friends, and communities about the realities of sexual violence and spearhead efforts to prevent it in the future. As faithful people, it is our responsibility to help end sexual assault by standing on the side of survivors and talking about respectful, safe, and healthy relationships in our communities. While we recognize that faith communities hold a range of expectations about sex, all faithful people can play a role by speaking out against this injustice.


Sexual assault can happen to anyone, and is a rampant epidemic on college campuses. In 2021, Sexual Assault Awareness Month is focusing on creating safer online experiences because everyone has the right to an experience free from danger. We are all responsible-- clergy, cultural and religious groups, youth, parents, and teachers--for preventing sexual violence. 

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Infographic for SAAM


Start by checking out our infographic with engaging facts, figures, and recommendations regarding sexual violence and what you can do.


Get the facts about Sexual Assault Awareness Month, explore campaign materials, and download graphics to raise awareness.


It's On Us

Take the national pledge launched by the White House and make a personal commitment to help keep women and men safe from sexual assault.


FaithTrust Institute

Read the sexual violence blog by FaithTrust Institute's Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

If you want to study religious texts that address sexual violence, start with this annotated bibliography with literary references.

Take Action in April!


Throughout the month, use the hashtag #FaithStandsUp and #SAAM to Tweet @SafeHavens1 and show that faith communities stand up against sexual violence.


April 6: Day of Action! Plan a campaign or awareness day to educate your community about sexual violence. Learn more here.


April 25: Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Walk for Change. You can register for the event here.


April 28: Denim Day. Wear denim to support survivors. For more information, click here.