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Power, Control, and Response Wheels

Power and Control Wheels

Power and control are the basic elements of an abusive relationship. In the hands of an abuser, almost anything can be used as a weapon to wield power and control over another. However, people in certain social or economic situations may be more vulnerable to weapons of power and control than others. For example, the abuser of an immigrant may threaten to report them to the police or the abuser of a faithful person may misinterpret sacred texts against them. To better understand the diverse barriers that victims face, please explore the Power and Control Wheel adaptations below.

Some of these sources include “choking” as an example of physical violence. Safe Havens wants to flag this because “choking” or more accurately, strangulation, is a unique behavior that indicates escalating violence. According to the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, someone who has suffered a nonfatal strangulation incident with their intimate partner is 750% more likely to be killed by the same perpetrator with a gun. You can learn more about the dangers of strangulation here.

Faith-Based Response Wheels

In response to wheels showing the nuances of power and control, Safe Havens developed a series of Faith-based Response Wheels. These wheels illustrate some major ways in which your faith community can help end the cycle of power and control.

Encontrar los recursos en español

Ruedas de respuesta y recursos para la comunidad latina

En respuesta a las ruedas que muestran los matices del poder y el control, Safe Havens desarrolló una serie de ruedas de respuesta basadas en la fe. Estas ruedas ilustran algunas formas importantes en las que su comunidad religiosa puede ayudar a terminar el ciclo de poder y control.

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