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Dancing Hands

Supporting African-American Victims
and Survivors



Supporting Black Survivors through an Interfaith Lens

June 2021

Supporting Our Sisters through Policy, Practice, and Prayer: The Plight of Black Women

Presented by Ujima, The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community 

April 10, 2019

This video is the fourth video in our 2019 Webinar Series. The Boston Ujima Project is organizing neighbors, workers, business owners and investors to create a community-controlled economy in Greater Boston. Highlights include definitions, statistics, and what roles community-based programs and spiritual leaders can play.

Supporting Victims and Survivors of Faith: African-American Victims and Survivors

May 2017

"African American Victims and Survivors" is the fifth in a series of webinars. The webinar series, entitled "Supporting Victims and Survivors of Faith: A Webinar Series for Advocates," aims to equip domestic violence advocates to respond to and support victims/survivors from communities of faith. This webinar, presented by Reverend Traci Jackson Antoine and Dr. La Donna Combs, specifically addresses how domestic violence advocates can better support African American victims who are faithful.

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