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Honoring Mother's Day

*We acknowledge that mother is an expansive term -- There are mothers who are not women, there are mothers who have not given birth, motherhood does not look one way. This Mother's Day, we are focusing on uplifting women, because are 85% of victims and survivors of domestic violence are women.*

Happy Mother's Day to the many mothers in our community! We especially want to honor mothers who are experiencing abuse and doing their best to keep them and their family safe. We see you. At Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence we think about girls, women, and mothers everyday not only because it is our job to do so but because it is our mission and our hope:

  • that young women in dating relationships know the difference between a partner who can help her reach her fullest potential and one who is seeking absolute control over another human being,

  • that women can strive for their dreams free of fear, humiliation, and trauma, and

  • that mothers feel competent and confident as parents raising children to be their very best.


At Safe Havens:

  • we honor women for their strength in their faith and bravery when they choose safety first for themselves and their children,

  • we celebrate when women can use their faith community to get referrals to safe and effective service providers in their community,

  • we acknowledge the joys and challenges that women face when they make difficult decisions,

  • we reflect on the ways that faith can be used as a source of support and guidance for women who are victims of abuse, and

  • we remember all of those women who paved the way by coming forward in their communities of faith and demanding to be heard.

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