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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In addition to a month full of holy days, April is also a month to educate our families, friends, and communities about the realities of sexual violence and ways we can prevent it in the future. As faithful people, we can help end sexual assault by standing on the side of survivors and talking about respectful, safe, and healthy relationships in our communities. We know that faith communities hold a range of expectations about sex, but we are talking about violence that breaks every possible standard of respect and human dignity. All faithful people can play a role by breaking the silence and speaking out against this injustice. We hope you will join us!

Sexual assault can happen to anyone, and is an especially rampant epidemic on college campuses. Everyone has the right to an experience free from danger. We are all responsible -- clergy, cultural and religious groups, youth, parents, and teachers -- for preventing sexual violence.

Sexual Assault Awareness Resources

Sexual assault is a serious problem and we hope you will help us raise awareness about it in our communities. Below are links for the sexual assault awareness flyer you see above and a newsletter article. Faith communities can publish either or both in their bulletins, on their websites, or on social media. There is also a sexual assault resource developed by Safe Havens specifically for faith communities. Click on the buttons below to download these resources.

Thank you for your help in raising awareness about sexual assault!


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