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Individuals and Institutions Making Progress against Abuse in Communities Together

Safe Havens is thrilled to have celebrated three honorees who have furthered understanding and prevention of domestic violence and elder abuse this year.


The 2019 IMPACT Awards Event Sponsors

Gift of the Heart

William Hewig

Gifts of Strength

Elsa Bengel

Amy Cohn and Seth Berman

Nicole deLisle and Jordan Warshaw

Holly Harney

Benjamin Katzman

Paulo Pinto

Abigail Silverman

Caleb Stewart

Gifts of the Spirit

Barbara Burnside

Betsy and Edward Jacobs

Merna M. Morse

Kay Silverman

Kathryne Tenney

Gifts of the People

David Adams

Kelsey Rice Bogdan

Susan W. Hassinger

Kate Hewig

Richard Katzman

Beverley and Edward Kienzle

Rev. James Mentzer

Dr. Jossie E. Owens

Dr. Elisabeth Schüssler-Fiorenza

Our Honorees


Carol and Len Kopelman

Safe Havens Advisory Board Chair (retired) and Benefactors

Carol and Len Kopelman have been working with Safe Havens since its beginnings. Carol was instrumental in bringing a Safe Havens training to her synagogue in 1999 and was one of the very first people to raise funds in her community on Safe Havens’ behalf. She has stayed involved with Safe Havens ever since. Carol has organized programming, stuffed envelopes, hosted fundraisers, and served on the Community Advisory Board as a member and Chair. Len hosted fundraisers with Carol, served as the IMPACT Award Emcee in 2016, and housed the Safe Havens office in his law firm for many years. The 2019 IMPACT Award is given to the Kopelmans in recognition of their significant role in supporting Safe Havens and being ambassadors and true friends to the agency.


The Honorable J. Thomas Kirkman (retired)

The Honorable J. Thomas Kirkman (retired) is currently serving on the Safe Havens Community Advisory Board. He first became involved with the agency many years ago when he served on the Faith Community Task Force of the Governor’s Commission on Sexual and Domestic Violence. Judge Kirkman has worked in the Commonwealth for over 25 years to support survivors of abuse in many capacities. He was the Director of a Domestic Violence Prosecution Unit in the Cape and Islands D.A.'s office for 16 years and served on the D.V. Committee of the Mass. District Courts during his 10 years as a judge. He has worked for Legal Services (in MA and IL), has presented locally and nationally, and in 1993 was appointed to serve as the Director of the Domestic Violence Prosecution Unit for the Cape and Islands District of Massachusetts. Recent articles include “Every Breath You Take: Massachusetts Steps Up Its Efforts to Stop Stalkers” 85 Mass. L. Rev. 174 (Spring 2001) and “God May Know All, But the Rest of Us Don’t – Mandated Clergy Reporting of Child Abuse” 87 Mass. L. Rev. 155 (Spring 2003).  Judge Kirkman currently serves on the Governor’s Council to Address Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Over the years, he has had a significant impact on community responses to abuse. In recognition of his past and future leadership, Judge Kirkman is a recipient of Safe Havens’ 2019 IMPACT Award. 


The Life Together Community

Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

The Life Together Community of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts seeks to raise the next generation of prayerful and prophetic leaders for the church and the world. Life Together places young adults in a Fellowship with social justice sites and Safe Havens has been the recipient of three Fellows placements. Each year, the Life Together Fellows have provided high-quality support to the agency. This support has allowed Safe Havens to strengthen its reach, broaden its communications, and increase its impact in the community. Life Together has truly had an influence on who Safe Havens is as a nonprofit and on its organizational capacity. In recognition of this partnership, The Life Together Community is a recipient of the 2019 IMPACT Award. 

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