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Individuals and Institutions Making Progress against Abuse in Communities Together

Safe Havens is thrilled to have celebrated three honorees who have helped further understanding and prevention of domestic violence and elder abuse this year.

The 2018 IMPACT Awards Event Sponsors

Gift of the Heart

Bill Hewig

Gifts of Strength

Thomas Kirkman

Gifts of the Spirit

Kathryne Appleby Tenney

Barbara Burnside

Kay Silverman

Gifts of the People

Talib Mahdee

Nancy Nienhuis

Janet Yassen

Our Honorees


Elsa Bengel

Safe Havens' Community Advisory Board and Founding Member

A United Methodist laywoman who is passionate about social justice, Elsa was one of the original founders of Safe Havens and has played a crucial role in nurturing the agency across many years and through many financial and programmatic turning points. Elsa's wisdom, courage, and know-how have on several occasions ensured Safe Havens' continued success, and her critical and strategic thinking skills have been instrumental in the agency's long-term growth. It's safe to say that without Elsa there wouldn't be a Safe Havens. The 2018 IMPACT Award is given in recognition of her significant role in supporting Safe Havens and ending domestic violence and elder abuse in faith communities across New England and around the U.S. 


Journey to Safety
The JF&CS Response to Domestic Violence

Safe Havens works through collaboration and partnership building, and one of our most successful recent collaborations has been with Journey to Safety, which is a part of Jewish Family and Children's Services. Journey to Safety is a high-quality, thoughtful, and strategic partner that worked with Safe Havens to reach out to and interview 15 rabbis across Essex and Middlesex Counties through the Many Voices, One Message Project. The result was important information about what these rabbis are seeing in their congregations regarding domestic violence. The project identified critical gaps and needs as well as challenges and opportunities. This collaboration also resulted in a moving and effective statement, signed by more than 100 rabbis, that condemns domestic violence and calls for peace in our homes and communities. In recognition of their leadership and valuable partnership, Journey to Safety is richly deserving of the 2018 IMPACT Award. 


Parkway United Methodist Church

Milton, MA

From an outreach event two years ago to its upcoming community-wide domestic violence vigil (which will take place on October 25, 2018), Parkway UMC fully exemplifies Safe Havens' call to become a conduit for understanding, support, resources, and referrals for domestic violence victims in the congregation and in the wider community. Parkway has organized and participated in training, distributed resources, begun a critical conversation about domestic violence, showed significant leadership and remarkable tenacity, and in every way moved the congregation forward on this timely and critically important topic. In recognition of their vision, engagement, and leadership, Parkway UMC is an honored recipient of the 2018 IMPACT Award.

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