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Image by Sun Lingyan

Conduct a Cell Phone Drive!

A cell phone drive is a gentle way to introduce the issue of domestic abuse to your congregation. You can save a life by simply collecting old phones.

How does it work?

Newer phones are reprogrammed to dial 911 (no need for a monthly service plan) and donated to victims of domestic violence, who often have trouble calling the police in an emergency.  Older phones are recycled, and the resulting funds are channeled back to Safe Havens to support our community-based education and violence prevention programs.

Follow these easy steps below to corral your congregation's youth group or social action committee to help!


Choose a period of time in which to run the cell phone drive and choose a location for the collection box.


Advertise the cell phone drive within your congregation with flyers and an article in your bulletin, newsletter, or with an email blast. 


Remind congregants about the cell phone drive as often as possible (during announcements on your day of worship, at faith community events, and at religious school).


Once the collection is complete, remove holders, instruction manuals, boxes, and other packaging.  Only the phones and batteries are accepted. Follow the processing instructions below.


Celebrate that your faith community has taken a step toward raising awareness about domestic abuse and helping victims and survivors. See what else you can do to get involved!


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