Supporting Christian Victims and Survivors

Christian Community Response Wheels and Resources

In response to wheels showing the nuances of power and control, Safe Havens developed a series of Faith-based Response Wheels. These wheels illustrate some major ways in which your faith community can help end the cycle of power and control.

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Addressing Domestic Violence: Working with Christian Faith Leaders

Presented by Reverend Al Miles

March 14, 2019


This video is the third video in our 2019 Webinar Series. Highlights include Christian teachings, debunking harmful Christian-based interpretations, and the roles Christian faith leaders can take to support the victim in collaboration with professionals and domestic violence service providers.

Supporting Victims and Survivors of Faith: Christian Victims and Survivors

May 2017


"Responding to Christian Victims" is the fourth in a series of webinars.. The webinar series, entitled "Supporting Victims and Survivors of Faith: A Webinar Series for Advocates," aims to equip domestic violence advocates to respond to and support victims/survivors from communities of faith. This webinar, presented by Safe Havens staff, explores what advocates need to know about the Christian tradition and Christian Americans to better support Christian victims of domestic violence.