Safe Havens Trainings and Course Offerings


Need help making your faith community a safe haven for survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse?

Safe Havens will come to you!  


Choose from the three course offerings below -- or we can tailor a training to the specific needs of your congregation.  We offer trainings to faith communities of any denomination as well as larger, interfaith trainings to mixed groups.


The goal of these trainings is not for you to become an expert counselor in abusive relationships, but rather to give you the tools to recognize abusive relationships and the perspective and the resources to support people who are affected by domestic violence and elder abuse.

Mission Moment

Safe Havens will come to your congregation as part of a regular weekly service and give a sermon to begin a discussion to raise awareness about domestic violence and elder abuse and how it can affect your faith community.  


Mission Moments are usually precursors to more in-depth trainings.


Suggested Donation:  $100

Video Discussion - 1 hour


Safe Havens will show a short video illustrating common characteristics of domestic violence and elder abuse.  The staff will lead an in-depth discussion of how to recognize domestic violence and elder abuse, and the often formidible barriers faced by survivors seeking help within their faith communities.  


The goal of this course is to raise awareness about domestic violence and elder abuse, and how relilgious teachings can be used as an impediment, rather than help for those seeking support from an abusive relationship.


Fee:  $250

2-Hour Introduction


Introduction to domestic violence and elder abuse.  Topics include:  recognizing the signs of abusive relationships, understanding the power and control wheel especially as it relates to your specific faith community, building empathy for people in abusive relationships, outlines of what to do -- and equally importantly -- what not to do when trying to support survivors, and how to access resources.  List of state and local resources and service providers and how to best take leverage those resources.


Fee:  $36 per person, minimum of 10 people, maximum of $500 per congregation for up to 100 people.  

4-Hour Workshop


Builds upon the 2-hour training.  Includes more in-depth discussion about how to make your congregation a safe haven for survivors.  Incudes case studies and role-playing and more nuanced discussion of how to empathize with and support survivors.  


Fee:  $50 per person, minimum of 10 people; maximum of $750 per congregation, for up to 75 people.  

Interfaith Family Violence Prevention Project


This intensive interfaith training brings clergy and lay leaders of different faiths together with service providers and law enforcement professionals for an intensive exploration of how they can work together to support survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse.  This is a collaborative effort between service providers and faith communities to help them understand  and harvest the strengths of each group to provide comprehensive intersectional and safe support to survivors.  


This course comprises four sessions over a four-month period and is ideal for larger regional or national associations of faith communities, as well as for individual congregations.


Fee:  $????