Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse is an interfaith organization that promotes hope and justice for victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and elder abuse.

Justice for victims

Our Mission Statement:

Safe Havens empowers diverse faith communities and their local service providers to work together to end domestic and sexual violence and elder abuse.


Our Vision Statement:

No one should have to choose between faith and safety. This is why Safe Havens works to build a world in which all people are treated with dignity and respect and in which domestic and sexual violence and elder abuse no longer exist. We envision a time when every religious and spiritual community can fully embrace their unique and vital role to support survivors, provide prevention education, and speak out with moral authority against abuse and the systemic oppressions and inequities that undergird abuse.


Safe Havens Values in Action:

Safe Havens puts DIGNITY into action when we believe survivors and take them seriously; trust survivors to make the best decisions about the way forward; treat all faith leaders, advocates, and service providers with respect; honor all faith traditions; and center the worth of everyone we work with in everything we do.

Safe Havens puts JUSTICE into action when we support survivors of abuse and hold those who abuse accountable; work to end racism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, classism, and other structural inequities that support abuse; and seek to be allies of all communities who experience abuse in their own unique ways.

Safe Havens puts SAFETY into action when we believe that every human being has the right to be safe: in their school, their car, their work, their congregation, their community, their world, their home; and always refer survivors of abuse to domestic and sexual violence services.

Safe Havens puts PEACE and WELLBEING into action when we validate a survivor's feelings, fears, and concerns; know that abuse is never the victim's fault; promote support for survivors from proactive, trained clergy; promote healthy relationships and physical and spiritual wholeness for survivors of abuse, their children, their faith communiuties, and their families; support fair wages, affordable housing and day care, and other public policies that allow survivors of abuse to thrive; and look beyond surviving abuse to healing and thriving.

Safe Havens puts COMPASSION into action when we see the situation through the survivor's eyes; meet survivors, faith leaders, faith communities, and advocates on their own terms; and know the pain of abuse and work to eliminate it.

Safe Havens puts HOPE into action when we affirm that there are many caring people in our congregations and communities; believe that survivors should be able to be both faithful and safe; trust that we can make a difference; know that healing and new life are possible; and believe that abuse will never have the last word.