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Faith and Domestic Violence

Each year, more abuse victims, perpetrators, and family members seek help from clergy and religious leaders than all other helping professionals combined .[1]

It’s true: many, many victims, survivors, abusers, family members, and concerned bystanders turn to their faith communities and faith leaders for help when confronted with the crisis of domestic violence. Faith leaders, both clergy and lay, are on the front lines. And yet, so many of us do not know how to respond safely and effectively and wonder where to turn for guidance.

At Safe Havens, we believe that the faith community has a unique role to play in responding to and preventing domestic violence. Every faith community and every faith leader can help victims and survivors use their faith as a resource, connect with community services, and overcome the many barriers to safety. If you are a faith leader (clergy or lay), victims and survivors of domestic violence need your help!

This section of our website provides resources to help you better understand domestic violence and tips on safe and effective intervention and prevention.

1. Horton, Anne L and Williamson, Judith A., Abuse and Religion: When Praying Isn’t Enough, p. xi, Lexington Books, 1988.

What does faith have to do with domestic violence?



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